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Beyond COVID-19

and when summer rains do come

embrace them, dance and chant in them

Take raindrops like vaccinations

and when the sun do shine

be raisins, and fester in the sun*

When this pandemic season pass,

like seasons do come, to pass

lets unite and ululate,

and let our animals howl and low

and hold hands, hug, and kiss

For we have fought, in solidarity and won

and now, right now, in this moment

When our hands we wash, for 20 seconds

Let those delinquencies do as well

to cleanse blood on their hands

and kill these thoughts in their minds

like germs, as they infect the nation.

To you Mr President, and your bureaucrats

When you sanitize your hands, to wash

Maybe you might want to sanitize the law enforcement

to kill the germs, which affect innocent citizens

whom have been failed by the law.

– Mongane Wally Serote.

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