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Dark City Dreams

The idea for ” Dark City Dreams ” began in 2011, after a
shoot in downtown Johannesburg.

The shoot was of a Miss Beauty wannabe, complete with crown and sash (Miss
Bratwurst), standing on a wooden crate in an abandoned foyer, and strung up
next to her was a carcass.

It was paramount that this carcass did not go to waste, and it was here that,
contact was made with Mr. Linda Twala who headed up a crèche and old-aged
Home in Alexandra Township, who gratefully came to collect this bonanza.

A friendship grew between Linda and myself,
which resulted in several visits to Alex.

Whilst the imagery that we are used to seeing of Alex is one
of crime, poverty, illness and grime, there is
certainly another side to this community.

Without in any way wishing to minimise the squalor and
shacks that are part of Alex,
there does exist a side that smiles with a sense of hope and positivity.

These fifteen images are staged social commentary.
They are intended to capture and portray the intrinsic hope of Alexandra,
furthering Ubuntu, the universal bond
of sharing that connects all humanity.

Mongane Wally Serote.

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