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June 16 : Palestine

As we celebrate June 16 and the youth of both 1976 and today ,let us not forget about the current struggles in our world.

Please enjoy this collection of poetry which focuses on the struggles being endured in Palestine.

The collection of poetry was provided to us by Nirode Bramdaw.

“Having all been contemplated and written, it is incumbent on me to outline the objectives of this flash
poetry collective, which took place during the first week of June.
The poems curated here derive from the humane outrage at the atrocities committed against the
children of Palestine, and their parents.
Hence, we are publishing this anthology on June 16th, Youth Day. In commemoration of the hundreds
of youth mercilessly gunned down in Soweto in 1976. Ironically they were gunned down for raising an
issue of language… hence the poetry. Including Afrikaans.
The poets writing in this anthology have the shared objective of raising our pens for justice to give a
voice to the voiceless.
We are blessed to have the unflinching support of South Africa’s Poet Laureate Dr Mongane Wally
Serote in this humble effort, and in acknowledging his support, I would urge other Poet Laureates and
global poetry societies to also raise their pens in solidarity.
It is my prayer that each drop of ink will obliterate those pints of blood, exponentially as we go.”

Nirode Bramdaw

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