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Born 12 May 1930, Mazisi Kunene grew up as an avid follower of Literature, even going as far as writing his own poems and short stories in isiZulu. Following his passion, he later undertook a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Natal, focusing on Zulu and history. Later in life, after becoming a master of Zulu and history, in 1959 he was forced into exile from his homeland South Africa, due to backlash against his opposition to the apartheid regime.

He then became a well-travelled representative of an African intellectuals, in both Europe and America, and becoming a Professor of African Literature at the University of California.

His works, namely Emperor Shaka the Great have a special place in the hearts of South Africans .

Mazisi Kunene passed, aged 76 and will be immortalized as a Poet Laureate of South Africa.

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