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Seasons Come To Pass

I am the summers sun
A busting ray of scorching gold
Too proud I am,it’s a silly rage
At times I glare, and scold the earth
Then summon clouds to make the rain
To purge the earth of all I charred

At times I am, a spring day sun
Warm to keep, and silly mild
Traversing sky, life I breathe
To a brooding world, a naked world
See the trees, with foliage new
Existence brought, earth alive

See me now, an autumn sun
Too vexed to know, whether mild or hot
Too shy to mend all perturb gusts
of too proud an autumn, who blasts and blasts
Till all leaves fall, blanketing earth
with sun-kissed leaves, rustling leaves

But when alone, deep in thoughts
My proud rays trapped, by freezing cold
I peep through clouds, a peek-a-boo
Trying to win, over stubborn cold
of freezing breeze, a winter’s blow.

Though seasons do, come to pass
all year round, past me they trod
through me they find, their fickle breath
for I am the sun, of busting rays
all year round, all seasons long

– Mongane Wally Serote.

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